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20-Point Fusible Digital IFM, 5 x 20mm Fuse Clips, 120V AC/DC Blown Fuse Indicators, Extra Terminals for Outputs ,Digital Interface Module

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Connecting to Allen-Bradley PLC I/O is fast, convenient, and reliable with the Allen-Bradley Bul. 1492 wiring system. Unlike conventional terminal blocks, the Bul. 1492 wiring system connects to digital, analog, and high speed counter PLC I/O modules through pre-wired and pre-tested cables. The Bulletin 1492 wiring systems are compatible with modular I/O modules for Bulletin 1756 ControlLogix, 1769 CompactLogix, 1746 SLC 500, and 1771 PLC-5. A select group of wiring system modules are also compatible with the base I/O of the MicroLogix 1200 (40 I/O base only) and 1500 packaged controllers, plus the PowerFlex 700H and 700S drives. In addition, wiring system solutions are available for 1794 Flex I/O through the Flex D-shell type base modules, 1794- TB37DS and 1794-TB62DS. The interface modules are mounted onto a standard DIN #3 Rail. Pre-printed adhesive label cards containing field-wiring information are included for each interface module and I/O module combination.

Cable Connector Pin Type:
20 Pins
I/O Platform:
Bulletin 1746 I/O Modules, Bulletin 1756 I/O Modules, Bulletin 1769 I/O Modules, Bulletin 1771 I/O Modules
LED or Fuse Voltage:
120V AC/DC
Please Note::
You must select an I/O Module in order to choose a Pre-Wired Cable with Connectors on Both Ends
Product Type:
Digital Module with Fixed Terminal Block
Terminal Features:
Extra Terminal w/ Blown Fuse Indicator for Outputs
Field Side Terminals:
Two per I/O Connection
Interface Module Style:

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